Tek4Good’s New Resident – DerNham

Tek4Good’s New Resident – DerNham

Welcome DerNham to Tek4Good !!

Welcome DerNham

🎉 TEK4Good is excited to welcome DerNham! đŸŽ‰Check them out at DerNham – ដើរញ៉ាំ !!

DerNham, the first mobile food social media in Cambodia, is a start-up to provide a system for exploring food and places, and online ordering food to deliver to users. As food social media, DerNham also provides more features for users to share their photos of food and places, and let their friends know where they are eating. For users, DerNham helps everyday recommend what food they should eat.

DerNham has a clear vision in the next three years. The vision is to be the first choice of food service provider and the best food guide for users.


Download DerNham app now:
App store : https://goo.gl/U5Xjda
Play store : https://goo.gl/WU9mHv
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