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Stay tuned for our upcoming TekTalk in September.

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8/28/2018 (6:00 P.M)  Big Data is a new topic which is constructively brought up as a TekTalk ‘s topic to raise awareness to people in business sector and especially new startups where data analysis is very in-needed.

5/30/2018 (6:00 P.M)  Speaker: Ms. Bridget Mcintosh (Energy Lab), Ms. Thida Keav (Solar Green Energy)

5/24/2018 (5:30 pm) The US Embassy in Phnom Penh recently hosted a screening of “Generation Startup”, a film by CYNTHIA WADE and CHERYL MILLER HOUSER, as part of the American Film Showcase exchange.

Women Entrepreneur in Tech Sector

5/11/2018 Here from women who made it into tech entrepreneurship scene. 

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