Our Residents

Kokopon is a UNIQUE INSPIRATIONAL web platform helping people to EXPERIENCE new amazing products&services at the best and INCREDIBLE PRICES. We help local businesses to grow, promote distinctive communities and high quality products&services to deepen customers’ attachment within a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN relationship. 

WeduShare is a leading educational platform that provides information about scholarship opportunities for Cambodian students. The company runs one of the most popular educational platforms in Cambodia. It is known among students for its reliable, helpful and trustful content. The company has about 80,000 followers on social media and over 120,000 monthly visits to its website.

BiKay is a global IT start-up that is part of the French Tech Cambodge community. The company provides IT services & consulting to its clients in web & business solutions.

Solution B.I is an independent service company in business intelligence that puts technical innovation at the service of decision-makers. With an international presence through its 5 sites in Paris, Dubai, Montreal, New-York and Phnom Penh, it accompanies monitoring projects for all departments by making available its publisher-certified consultants.

Our former residents 

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